Sunday, January 30, 2022

The inevitable Wordle tree


Dinner surprises

 Dip night

Homemade gnocchi

Paint & Swap

Bethany, Haven and Joni each painted for 5 minutes then swapped paintings for the next person to paint 5 minutes (with no explanation about what the incomplete painting was intended to be)...

Monday, January 17, 2022

New year... new tree many questions

New Year's Eve ...better luck next year?!

We figured we should do anything possible to bring better luck for 2022 so, given we weren’t able to travel this holiday, we spent New Year's Eve trying to bring ‘good luck’ new year traditions from around the world to us…

1.     Scotland: "First footing" by a dark-haired man bringing shortbread, whiskey, salt & coal

2.     Turkey: Sprinkle salt on doorstep

3.     Ecuador: Burn an effigy (we made a COVID one)

4.     Germany: Burn lead in candle & drop it into cold water to see what shape it forms (we used wax)

5.     Russia: Write out wishes, then burn the paper & drink ashes in champagne (or sparkling cider)

6.     Japan: Eat soba noodles

7.     Czech Republic: Cut apples & see shape of core (want a star!)

8.     Russia: Plant underwater trees in freezing water

9.     Brazil: Throw white flowers into the ocean

10.  Spain: Eat 12 grapes while bells toll

11.  Denmark: Smash plates against the door

12.  Greece: Smash pomegranates against the door (our neighbors were not sure what was going on!)

13.  Greece: Hang onions on door

14.  Netherlands: Eat Oliebollen (mini doughnuts) to ward off “the belly slitter”

15.  Japan: Ring bell 108 times