Thursday, April 30, 2020

Discovering the lakes in Forest Lakes

We walked by 5 "lakes" (OK, ponds, but they call them lakes!) on this hike in our subdivision

Passing the time

Joni's birthday tree

Feeling gratitude on Earth Day

Genius hour

Joni requested an engineering challenge each Friday the way she used to get at school

Quarantine adventures

Trampolining (no video evidence but Bethany did her first front handspring!)
Hair stylin'
Keeping it interesting!

Fun callout for Bethany from the South African gov't on their COVID preparations

Easter fondue feast

Happy Easter (with tree to match)!

Happy Passover

To avoid a trip to the store, girls made a play doh seder plate!

Joni was costume designer for our Little Red Riding Hood play

Once again, proof we have a very patient puppy