Friday, November 8, 2019

Coco wins for Most Potassium at the Gilmer Pet Parade

PACT lab Halloween

Beware of Bethany Past, Present, and Future!
(and whatever this version of Bethany is...)

Happy (rainy) Halloween!

Getting in the spirit

Joni's yearbook cover contest entry

So excited for Joni Bee

Joni entered an essay writing contest sponsored by UVA football. The task was to write an essay about overcoming challenges. Joni won the elementary school division and we all got to go to the game with great seats, go down on the field before the game started, and Joni's name was put up on the big screen during halftime.

Bethany falls in love with indoor skydiving

Haven's creation

The bowl is made entirely of parmesan cheese

Bethany bday celebrations

Fun school projects

Joni's Classics Travel team

Torture taste test

Part of Joni's present to Brian included a taste test where Bethany could feed him anything... he's not a fan of blue cheese!

Happy bday Brian!