Saturday, June 23, 2018

Banff is glorious! B&B getaway

Atop Tunnel Mountain

Rolled ice cream in Calgary

Brian's lab figured there was only one way to get him in a dress shirt...

Happy Father's Day Brian!

We made Brian a model of our home showing spots girls especially loved to do activities with him (playing soccer in the yard, cuddling up to watch a show, and hanging out on the giant beanbag).

Bug's fantastic gymnastics demo

Mom and Bee date night

Joni reacts to a skewer taste test at Ten

Congrats to Haven on her Elementary School graduation!

Haven won an academic excellence award and a subject award in P.E. We are proud of all her hard work this year. Onward to middle school!

Joni joy

Haven's cool photography

Seeing Smokey Robinson!

Happy place

Making cotton candy ice cream burrito and hanging out with Grandma Goody

Haven's rap