Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Joni's cool chicken licken puppet

Feeling very lucky and spoiled on Mother's Day

2nd Annual 2.5 mile Sunset Run

BT in NY

Visiting with Kristin

Joni was excited about her new soccer shirt

Joni explains how to flirt

The Bee is 9!

5th (or 6th) year in a row Joni chooses Hibachi Grill for her bday dinner!

"Game on": Joni's 9th bday party

Game theme (with some emoji decorations tossed in)...
Stations: Fun with food, Charades, Family feud, Apple bobbin', Egg relay, Bingo, Piñata, Over-under ball toss, Monkey in the middle, Dance party

Girls' first yard sale

At today's yard sale, one of the castles was unpriced, the others were listed at $3-4.
Customer: How much for this castle?
Haven: Umm, maybe $3?
Customer: <nodding>
Haven: Or, should it be $2?
Customer: $2? <pulling out wallet>
Joni: No, it should be $1. $1
Customer: Okay!