Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Happy 4th bday Coco!

Let the creative juices flow

Haven’s artwork & photography (Joni is her muse!)
Follow the link below to see Haven's blowdryer hat & Joni's hot dog maker hat...
Camp Invention creations

Ready to ride!

Thanks to Grandpa Stan and Grandma Julie for getting the girls decked out for horse riding camp.

Welcome grandmama!

Beautiful day for a hike at Montpelier

Haven's Spectrum theater extravaganza

Clip from Let's Put on A Show 
Clip from mythology show

A clip from one of the girls’ (many) original summer productions

Joni’s sweet note to her Grade 2 teacher

Feeling thankful for all the messages of unity in Charlottesville

We are all benefiting from Haven’s cooking class at Spectrum camp!

Congratulations Joni for completing her game design challenge at ID Tech camp!

It’s always a good day for pazookies

Happy 4th! Which is your favo(u)rite treat?

Preparing for water balloon wars

Amazing visit to “Camp Cay-Cay”

Caylee invited us for a fun-filled adventure weekend at her family home. First time tubing, paddle boarding, and kayaking for the girls! They were in heaven.

Happy Canada Day!

All decked out in our red and white

Lucy & Joni are reunited at Living Earth camp!