Friday, April 7, 2017


For April Fool's Day...
At work, Bethany: 1) sent a note to all clinical students & faculty informing them they'd have to come in on the weekend for a 4-hour video-recorded training session on ethics; 2) told her lab they would have to count all punctuation marks in the text of our web training program; and 3) set up an elaborate prank with out-of-town speakers (who kindly played along!) that the lab each had to do a mock therapy session on what was 'hard about working with Bethany'.
At home, Bethany: 1) replaced tootsie rolls with carrots; 2) replaced oreo icing with toothpaste; 3) had kids open a supposedly new phone that gave small shocks when you turned it on; 4) snuck in 'no rip' toilet paper (Joni was not amused by this one); and 5) convinced the kids that they would have to work in the sewers on our volunteer trip in New Orleans.

A good day!

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