Saturday, March 18, 2017

Go Ags!

Congrats to the UC Davis Aggies (Kevin's team) for making it to March Madness for the first time!
Watching them win the Big West tournament

Getting ready to go to Tulsa for March Madness (kids slept in their Aggie shirts so they'd be all set for their early flight!)

Welcome baby Rowan to the family!

Congrats Erich & Melissa! Rowan was born March 15.

If Joni had a pot of gold...

Translation: I would dig and find a puppy. And buy a mansion and buy furniture ad get electronics and give to the poor and buy horses and a stall for the horses and some for my sister …and get a live forever machine and live forever with my family and pets.  

Hollymead Grade 2 Concert

Kids (effective!) plea to have dinner together

Super fun project in Haven's class

Decorate a giant Virginia-shaped cookie to show the state's topography and resources