Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trick or treating and checking out the loot

Combined winnings = 310 pieces of candy
Haven asked at the end of the night why Halloween wasn't 8 nights long like Hanukkah 
(Answer = parents wouldn't survive!) 

Neighborhood Halloween parade and party

 Jasmine, her mom, and Abu are ready! 
 Darth Vader and Batgirl in front of a fountain flowing blood... 
(we have some great neighbors who go all out for Halloween!)

Halloween preparations

 Bethany carves her first witch on a broomstick (and is way too excited about this)

Halloween on the Lawn at UVA

Amazingly, among the 1000 kids running around, the girls' babysitter Caylee found us!

PACT lab Halloween party

  Erin and Nauder trade places, while Santa (Miranda) & crazy cat lady (Alex) watch out for the girls
 Therapy dog (Jeff), Pact-man (Phil), and the ultimate battle between Haven and Diheng 
Joni acts out "bats" during charades (which she initially misread as "best" and kept pointing at herself)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hollymead Spirit Week

Mustache Monday 
Touchdown Tuesday
Beddy Teddy Wednesday
(note, all names for the days came from the school - I have never before said or written Beddy Teddy!)
 Fun Character Thursday
 ...culminating in a school-wide parade & costume dinner

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Haven's economics fair

Check out Haven's cookie walk for the Grade 3 economics fair - she created both goods & a service.

Joni loses tooth #3... and #4

Joni finally lost her 3rd tooth after it dangled loose for literally months, then just a few days later her 4th one came out at her soccer practice - it had been quite loose as well, and someone knocked into her on the field, which made it start to bleed, so she ran over to Brian on the sideline & told him to yank it out (which he happily did) before she returned to the field, excited and still bleeding!

Can you 'speak Joni'?

No, Joni is not suggesting we should all wear's "a princess [dress]. She has a tiara with jewels and a blue gown with sparkles."  

Adventure Farm

 A perfect fall day for hay bales, a pumpkin patch, & corn maze...

Celebrating Bethany's bday

I was spoiled with delicious treats throughout the day, starting with my favorite scone and ending with massive amounts of sushi & a DQ blizzard!
 Humans are happily cozy while poor Coco is being dressed as a monkey to test out her Halloween costume.
 Joni is trying to hide the last piece of sushi for herself...

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Canada Exhibit

With help from Sarah and Patrick, we've been getting our Canada exhibit ready for the kids' upcoming school heritage festival...
We added a maple syrup taste test at the actual festival - turns out blueberry is the crowd favourite! (have to use Canadian spelling for this one...)

SPCA Critter ball & Bobbie bday party

Check out the amazing Olate dogs (they won America's Got Talent)

Bendable children!