Sunday, May 10, 2015

Joni is Student in the Spotlight this week!

Happy Mother's Day!

Very spoiled today to have both Grandma Goody and Grandmama here to celebrate! Brian made us a great brunch and girls gave us lovely cards and gifts...and day ended with yummy Italian food & then Dairy Queen...hard to get much better than that!

Translation: "I love you! You are a great mom. I can't wait until you open this card. Love Joni."

World's most tolerant dog!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Home invasion by unicorns (aka Joni's bday party)

Unicorns as far as the eye can see...

 Pin the horn on the unicorn.                      Haven ran the unicorn tattoo station.
Unicorn pinata, musical unicorn chairs, and unicorn horn charades.

Sweet-tooth ice cream truck arrives and Joni gets to serve the treats!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Happy 6th bday to our Bee!

Joni woke at 5 am, unable to contain her excitement.  The day began with piles of whip cream (and a little pancake), and Joni losing (aka Brian pulling!) her 2nd tooth.  
Haven saved her money for months to buy Joni a massive princess doll set. Both girls were super excited for the big reveal!
 Brownie delivery at lunch to Joni's school confirms that Joni will remain very silly as a 6-year-old. Phew! 
Dinner celebration at Joni's favorite restaurant on earth - Hibachi Grill!

Making word list practice a little more fun

Great note to come home to

Haven's message when Bethany & Ronnie got back from a massage & dinner treat

Pixie spotting

Free Union school has an amazing fair with a beautiful "Pixie Trail"
Bad idea... Joni being taught how to throw a dart!

Gorgeous day at the Montpelier Wine Festival

 Kids had a great time making & flying kites

Grandmama arrives for cooking class

 At Williams & Sonoma
 At home, making Star Wars-shaped pancakes

We'll miss you Helen!

Helen's last day babysitting before her graduation

Flashback: Haven's 'hopes and dreams' at the start of Grade 2