Saturday, April 18, 2015

Virginia Institute for Autism fun run

Our family ran as part of team 'Pierce's posse,' a friend of Haven's from school. Joni did the kids' fun run, and Haven (with Bethany) ran her first 5K - amazingly, she did not walk or stop once!
 A little nervous before (above), but very happy after (below)!
 Joni starting her race
Haven and Bethany at the finish line

Bun on top of head =

Artists hard at work

Tough call on who wins the silliness contest...

Windy but gorgeous visit to the waterfront

 Kids pretty much alternated between attack & cozy mode...

Toronto getaway!

We got to meet lovely baby Winona, our new niece, for the first time!

 5 cousins... almost a full team now!

Joni makes home videos on a nearly daily basis

Let's just say she has a unique style!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Joni's plant book

Click "Read more" to see seeds grow, sprout, bud, & blossom...

The bunny found us!

Trying out the new hula hoops!
Happy hunting!
Finishing up a day of chocolate with - what else? - chocolate fondue...

Saturday, April 4, 2015

New toy!

We got a jukebox for the bar room...

Happy Passover!

Lovely seder at Michael and Judith's house. Girls loved trying to sneak the afikomen!
Haven reads from the Haggadah during the seder.

Happy 8th bday Lily!

Haven wrote Lily a special bday poem to the rhyme of Shel Silverstein's Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me Too.

Watch out!

The Teachman side of the our household gets very intro April Fool's day! 
Haven describes her and Joni's plan to get Brian with fake donuts and vinegary orange juice.

Bethany froze the girls cereal overnight, so it looked perfectly normal but was hard as a rock.
The PACT lab set up signs by the office photocopier saying it was now voice activated and recorded unsuspecting colleagues attempting to make copies, saying "On...On...On." And Meghan, a lab alum, received a pile of calls as her phone number was listed as the place to call for a Chewbacca roar impersonation contest.  Bethany scared students who thought they had a surprise quiz or were scheduled to give a talk they didn't know about...but her lab got serious revenge by sending an email from a fake account that made it look like a message had been posted to hundreds of her colleagues accusing Bethany & the UVA program of falsifying data about our students. All in all, a fantastic, heart-stopping day!