Friday, July 25, 2014

Joni on the mic!

Joni is loving Triple C camp. This week, her group got to lead the singing at camp round-up (when the entire camp gathers together - it's literally hundreds of kids).  Check out her duet!

Happy 1st Birthday Coco and Welcome to Auntie Kate and Matt

We picked July 23 as Coco's birthday (based on the estimate of her age when we got her - because she's a rescue pup, we don't know her exact age.) Happily, Kate and Matt were spending the night with us on their U.S. road trip so joined in the festivities.
 Coco loved her cake!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Richmond with Grandma Goody

Checking out the state capitol & flower trifecta (on hair, on dress, in mouth!)
Kids LOVED the Richmond zoo, especially feeding the budgies and giraffes 

Science Museum (Grandma Goody demonstrates her usual lack of self-control - it reads "Do Not Push" under the button!)

Banaji Camp 2014!

Mahzarin Banaji, Brian's advisor from grad school, rented a couple giant houses in Cape Cod and invited her old students and their families to visit...~25 adults and 15 kids descended for a wonderful reunion.

Gorgeous setting...

Non-stop swimming...

Dance party...
Great friends... (teaching 'Spot It' to Buju and hanging out with Danny)  

And crushing coins on the railroad tracks...

Monday, July 7, 2014

Science Experiment Sunday!

 When the red light and green light are combined, it creates a yellow light.

Mixing yeast and sugar produces C02 that blows up the balloon when it's placed in the sun.

Add dish soap on top of food coloring in a bowl of milk and it looks like milky fireworks!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Can you detect a theme?!

We hosted an Independence/Canada Day Party (and Bethany obsessively made theme-colored food!)

Forest Lakes Independence Day Parade!

Girls decorated their bikes and scooters, and put on some red, white & blue for the neighborhood parade. Even Coco!