Sunday, May 11, 2014

Joni’s zoo!

Joni picked an animal-themed bday party this year… dressed as a cat, she and her friends painted horses and faces & decorated cowgirl hats, played animal bingo and animal charades, and did a bunny hop relay and flamingo game, before smashing a horse piñata and eating animal-topped cupcakes...
Thank you Grandma Goody and Opa for preventing the animals from fully overtaking the zookeepers!

 Haven wins a round of animal bingo
We decided to just ignore the fact that she spat all over everyone's cupcake blowing out her candle!
Turns out a bunny hop relay is a little confusing for the 4-6 year-old crowd, but very fun to watch.
The flamingo game involves trying to balance on one leg while the rest of the group tries to make you laugh so you fall over – a.k.a. total chaos.
After a couple rounds of batting by the kids, the piñata required a little adult intervention…

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