Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hollymead Spring Fun Fair

Bethany was the 'bingo caller' at one of the game stations.  The girls helped call out numbers...notably, Joni insisted on wearing her new, not-so-summery penguin hat despite the 79 degree weather!  She said after the fair that she was a bit disappointed that more people hadn't mentioned how much they liked the hat.

Earth Day invention

Haven describes her portable garbage & recycling system…

UMS International Lunch

This is one of our favorite school community events.  Kids sing songs from all around the world in different languages.  Joni (in the red & black Spanish dress, far left in group picture) was SO excited!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Tough lessons

Turns out Haven has been buying cookies, chips & ice cream at her school cafeteria a few days a week for the past few months without our permission.  Getting ‘caught’ has resulted in some big learning experiences for her as she now has to do extra chores to 'pay us back'.  

Our own secret society

The girls have started a club that meets in the Dora tent (now known as the Yellow clubhouse).  The members (mainly the neighborhood kids and babysitters) have a special handshake, and leave each other regular notes that are both urgent and wonderfully polite...  

Happy Easter!

The bunny found us...

On the hunt with Lily & Ava

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Brian's early birthday gift to Joni

When you think about how to decorate an (almost) 5 year old girls' room, naturally you think about images of horror as a hero is trapped in frozen carbonite.  After all, what child wouldn't have sweet dreams with this rug beside her...
 And yes, Joni absolutely loves it! 

Kids enjoy a fun Japanese festival