Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Star Wars lives on (a.k.a. Brian brings Haven and Joni into the cult)

Brian's experience of showing Star Wars to the girls:
Part 1
Joni (4.5) watched Star Wars (A New Hope) for 1st time last week. Now dinner conversations are incessant questions about what happens in Empire and Jedi.
Haven: Yes, the Empire makes a new Death Star 
Joni: What?!!
Haven: They make it better than the first one
Joni: [knowingly] Oh, yeah... new chairs.

Part 2
Joni is incredibly excited to be watching Empire Strikes Back. We watch 10-15 min per night, and then debrief for 10-15 min afterwards. Half of each debriefing is questions about whether Luke and Leia will be dead at the end. Apparently "No" is not sufficient. 
It is amazing to observe how fascinated she is by it while simultaneously understanding almost nothing. 
A perfect disposition to be a scientist.

Part 3
Tonight's Star Wars episode: Han and co in asteroid field through Yoda reluctantly agreeing to train Luke. Highlight of the night follows three days of laughter about how Han and Leia fight so much - "who's scruffy looking?" has been repeated about 50 times since yesterday.
Han rubs Leia's hand and starts to get close.
Dad: Are they going to kiss?
Haven: No they're not. No they're not... No they're not....
Haven and Joni: AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

Bethany's experience discussing Star Wars with Joni 
Bethany: So, what is your favorite part about Star Wars?
Joni: Princess Leia
Bethany: I thought you might pick her. What do you like about her?
Joni: She doesn't drive the space ship?
Bethany: Oh, you mean she does drive the space ship? Yes, that's cool.
Joni: No, I'm glad she doesn't drive the space ship. If she did, she might get hurt. She's not very good.

Somehow the strong female leader message isn't quite getting through...

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