Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gorgeous day in Cville!

On a mini-hike with the girls' friend Gabriella (collecting twigs for a fairy house!)

Back to School Parties

Rock Band Beatles at our place during the clinical psychology area's party

 Getting completely covered in mud at the University Montessori School picnic.

Doing it with style at the social psychology area's party.  

Meeting Hux!

 Ben and Sophie’s adorable baby (~4 weeks)

Joni on the news

Joni was invited to help with a local news story for an upcoming family fair.
Of course, we then enjoyed the fair too!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy birthday Brian and our visit with Grandma & Opa

Brian...then & now

The joy of chocolate fondue!

At the Center for Open Science Open House

 Brian’s coronation and opening presents 

The baseline picture for a science experiment...
Hypothesis: These flower stems will absorb the color in the water & the petals will no longer be white.
Exploratory question: What dyes better – green food coloring or Martha Stewart orange paint?

And the results are in...
Only the green dye worked! 

Joni's question of the day

How did poop get its' name?
(This question may be Brian's favorite birthday present so far today!)