Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lemonade Stand

At one point, Brian heard our little entrepreneurs calling out “Free lemonade” to cars driving by…not clear if they have become philanthropists or con artists!

Sushi Creation and Feast

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Haven's First Day of Grade 1 at Hollymead

Heading to the bus stop.  Haven was so excited/anxious that she insisted on sleeping in her clothes last night so she'd be ready for the bus on time!  She's been waiting to get on the bus that comes right to our front door since she was two. When it was time to go out and do it, she ran to the door and then froze. Luckily, her neighborhood friends stepped in and provided love and reassurance to start the year together!

Open house with her new teacher, Mrs. Julie Lindenbaum.  
The teacher had a wonderful care package waiting for each child at the open house with this card on it.

"First Grade Stuff" Haven has had her school supplies lined up in the living room with this sign for days.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shari & Seth's Wedding

The procession

 Walking down the aisle


PACT lab (and partners) reunion!
Back row: Namaye, Meghan, Jose, Jessica, Seth, Meg, Bethany, Shari, Alex, Jen, Robert, Jeff, Charlene
Front row: Christina, Gena, Josh, Elise, Cora, Joni, Haven

Elyssa, Joanna, Carlee & Shari

Pre-wedding prep & hanging out

  Meeting Josh and Elise's adorable daughter Cora  

Jess made the girls feel very special with braids, twists & curls!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Giddy up!

Haven was VERY proud to graduate from riding the pony Roger into the big leagues - Zinger!

Friday, August 9, 2013

White water rafting (& submersion!) on the American river

The calm before the storm...

First casualty was on the "Meat grinder" rapids, then the entire raft flipped on "Troublemaker".  Bethany & Stan are not visible bc they are under water at this stage - we were 'rescued' by rope line & pulled to rocks. Brian is pictured here holding on until the bitter end. Seriously fun! 

Road Trip to "Funderland"

Loving our new niece/cousin Grace and her big sister Maya!

Splashing Around in Davis!

Sometimes the trip to the pool is just as much fun as the actual pool!

We'll call this a tie bw Joni & Kevin.