Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Joni is 4 years old!

Thank you everyone for helping to make it a special day for Joni.
New balance beam! 

 Turns out insane excitement = change blindness... Joni manages to walk right by the bright purple, very large balance beam without noticing it until Haven points it out!

Joni chose for her special day to begin - where else - Dunkin' Donuts!

 Haven models one of Joni's new presents

Girls were in awe at receiving the old-fashioned musical jewelry boxes.
Dinner at Joni's favorite restaurant, Hibachi Grill. When asked why she loves this Asian buffet, Joni lists  french fries and mini corn-on-the-cobs as the key draw.  I think the ice cream, jello, chocolate fountain and marshmallows might also have something to do with it...just a hunch!

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