Sunday, May 12, 2013

A wonderful Mother's Day

 Grandma Goody and Bethany were spoiled with a lovely breakfast, homemade cards and brooches.  They also received silver necklaces with a half of a heart as the pendant & Haven and Joni wore the other halves!

 The girls loved trying fondue, and figured there couldn’t be any joy greater than marshmallows & Rice Krispie treats covered in warm, melted chocolate with Oreos mixed in. (They may be right!)

The girls were very excited to order "fancy drinks."

There was some confusion when the drinks arrived, and Haven accidentally received an "adult fancy drink" (aka Bethany's blackberry mojito!).  It took a few sips before we all realized...

Haven's face after her adult fancy drink!

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  1. Nice pictures. I also wished my mother by gifting her nice watch & we had dinner out for the mother's day. Hope you also have enjoyed the day. :)
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