Sunday, May 26, 2013

APS Conference in DC with Grandmama

Girls loved the band at the APS dance party

 Hanging out with Shari & Alex at the National Zoo 

Air and Space Museum 
(Kids now want to build a model airplane - score 1 for cool stuff, 0 for Barbie - yes!) 

Haven's Kindergarten Graduation

Haven receives her diploma from Janet, Director of the school

Congratulations to the kindergartners (or “school-er rulers” as they like to call themselves)!
Teachers in back row: Geovanna, Karen, Aimee, Callie

“Pinkie promise” to always be friends 

Poem in unison

                                         Karen                                                              Geovanna

Very exciting to have grandmama at graduation!                                      Janet and Kendra

Haven & Joni 'borrowed' Bethany's are the results

University Montessori School Year-end Picnic

 Bring on the mud! (with Eva above & Gabriella below)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A wonderful Mother's Day

 Grandma Goody and Bethany were spoiled with a lovely breakfast, homemade cards and brooches.  They also received silver necklaces with a half of a heart as the pendant & Haven and Joni wore the other halves!

 The girls loved trying fondue, and figured there couldn’t be any joy greater than marshmallows & Rice Krispie treats covered in warm, melted chocolate with Oreos mixed in. (They may be right!)

The girls were very excited to order "fancy drinks."

There was some confusion when the drinks arrived, and Haven accidentally received an "adult fancy drink" (aka Bethany's blackberry mojito!).  It took a few sips before we all realized...

Haven's face after her adult fancy drink!

Ballet recital...a family affair!

Joni was in the Dance Discovery Show (she's the child standing next to the teacher).

Haven was a flower in the Garden Show (she's the child at the farthest right if you're facing the stage).

Bethany danced in the Cafe Show doing a mazurka and a waltz.

  Next year, we'll have to convince Brian to take part. (Don't hold your breath!)

Joni's Pirate Party...Ahoy matey!

 This is about the only picture of Joni actually in her full pirate costume - before the guests arrived, she decided it was itchy & she'd rather be half-dressed! 

 Exploring the Discovery Museum

 18 pirates making their pirate costumes - hat, boots, sword, and, of course, a parrot

Now they're ready to find their treasure! (This just shows the first clue of the scavenger hunt.)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Joni is 4 years old!

Thank you everyone for helping to make it a special day for Joni.
New balance beam! 

 Turns out insane excitement = change blindness... Joni manages to walk right by the bright purple, very large balance beam without noticing it until Haven points it out!

Joni chose for her special day to begin - where else - Dunkin' Donuts!

 Haven models one of Joni's new presents

Girls were in awe at receiving the old-fashioned musical jewelry boxes.
Dinner at Joni's favorite restaurant, Hibachi Grill. When asked why she loves this Asian buffet, Joni lists  french fries and mini corn-on-the-cobs as the key draw.  I think the ice cream, jello, chocolate fountain and marshmallows might also have something to do with it...just a hunch!

Saturday, May 4, 2013