Saturday, January 5, 2013

Joni’s first haircut...the idea grew on her!

King’s Cake

Mexican-style celebration of epiphany with baby Jesus dolls hidden in the crown-shaped bread (made by Laila, with decorating help from Haven & Joni)

Happy New Year! First Night Charlottesville

Hungry, anyone?

Haven is very into designing her own food creations lately. Notably, she almost never eats what she makes, but is very insistent we 'enjoy' her creations, like this apple with jam & 'bug' sprinkles. 

After all that excitement...

Auntie Alie & Haven snuggle while Bethany accidentally orders a drink the size of her head

Plane ride home. Joni has reached her limit!

Let it snow

Merry Christmas from Toronto!

 Girls managed to wait until 6 am to start the day!

 Grandpa Allan was oddly absent when Santa came to visit

 Grandma Goody introduces Joni to the joy of shooting whip cream straight into your mouth
(Matching) Pajama party 

Uncle Erich takes his Lego towers very seriously 

Love (with Auntie Ingrid's dog Basil)

Arguably the girls’ favorite present…"Gassy Gus"

Twas the night before Christmas

 Dinner with Grandma Jane, Aunt Jesse, Derek & Judy

Note for Santa left by the fireplace

Experiencing ‘Molecular’ food

Left (on silver spoons): Nachos. Center (in cup of ice): Margarita (by sucking on the sugar cane). Center Right (on white spoon): Gazpacho soup.  Right: Pork kebab with pineapple caviar.  Food was outstanding!