Saturday, October 6, 2012

Haven's Sun Celebration at School

At Haven & Joni's school, each child takes a turn once a year being child of the week.  This much-anticipated event has many parts (making muffins for the class, sharing your "me bag" with special toys...), including the big Sun Celebration.  In this celebration, Haven walks around the sun carrying the earth once for each year of her life, while Brian & Bethany talk about special events from that year.

The next part of the celebration involves the class singing a song to Haven to celebrate her “place on the earth.”

Haven selects a book for the final stage of the Sun Celebration.  Typically, the teacher or parents read the story, but Haven asked if she could read it to the group.  This clip shows the first half of the story – of course, it is wonderful to see her excitement in reading to the class for the first time, but the most impressive part of the video comes around minute 3 when Haven manages to continue reading while the girl sitting beside Haven repeatedly tried to look under Haven’s skirt!  

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