Sunday, August 19, 2012

Toronto summer reunion...cousins very happy to be together

Canada's Wonderland

Haven apparently has no fear of heights!

Grandpa doesn't trust Joni at the wheel

Grandpa Allan & Grandma Gail's 20th wedding anniversary celebration

Uncle Tom has a super power

Shortly before Jack announced "Love hurts"

Uncle Peter discovers poop in the pool...really

Aunt Jesse & Jack demo the North American way to eat cupcakes

Aunt Kate & Matt show the more dignified British style

Haven gives Grandma Jane a lesson on how to pump

Grandma Goody & Opa's House

Not clear if Basil is in heaven or desperate to escape Joni's attentions 

Hayden discovers buttons - so delicious!

Francie, Juliet, Sam, Luke, Jack and Haven & Joni after getting caught in the rain

Gotta love 5 pin bumper bowling

On the way to Toronto...Joni needs to work on the Canadian national anthem, but she gets points for style

                                                    Haven does the camera work & direction