Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wearing glasses is hilarious

Haven's spirits are back to her 'old self' following surgery.  She is slowed down by the cast, but not by much.  We have cut back on pain medication -- she hasn't had any for about 15 hours, and she slept great last night.  We may have turned a corner in recovery.

Proto talking

This one starts up a bit slowly, but it illustrates Haven's increasing social sense and communication.  She is getting more verbal reliably saying "Hi", "Bye", "Yeah", "Uh-oh", "Baa" (for sheep, book, and all animals), and "Tsank-u" (spelled her way).  There is an occasional "Mama" or "Dadee" too.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Successful Surgery

Haven had her extra thumb removed this morning.  The surgery went very smoothly.  She was a bit apprehensive in the morning, but mostly because we couldn't feed her.  She came out of it pretty well too -- disoriented in the normal ways, but happy to be cuddled up with mom and feeding.  We were released at 11am after a 7:30a start for surgery.  She is in a big cast and we will need to be attentive to pain management for the next few days.  But, she is already smiling (occasionally) and just a bit out of it.