Saturday, April 28, 2007

First Meal

Haven tried her first meal today - a soupy mix of rice cereal and milk.  It was not exactly a resounding success.  She did manage to eat a small portion of four spoonfuls before she had enough.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

First Parade

At her first parade, Haven did not seem particularly interested in watching the parade compared to the grass, people sitting next to us, or her own hands.  The one object that captured her attention was a huge fire truck.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Improved Tracking

This was taken right at 4 months.  Compare her ability to easily and smoothly follow the camera/person movement compared to her more modest abilities back on January 24th at 1.5 months in "Follow the idiot" (also here:

(Not) on the move

At 4.5 months, Haven now has desires, knows that some things can meet those desires, and has very few skills that help her acheive those desires.  For example, Haven loves to suck, especially on a pacifier.  Now she recognizes the pacifier object.  And, when put just out of her reach, she shows the desire to get it.  She knows that extending her arms can help, but has no idea how the legs might be useful.  Part I below is the cuter illustration, Part II really shows the failure to get the legs involved.  

Part I

Part II


One consequence of having no fine motor control is an increased likelihood of self-injury.  That isn't funny exactly, but the pause, look of surprise, then bursting into tears does invoke an "empathic" laugh.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Eating Toes

This does not illustrate a skill so much as the latest game that elicits reliable pleasure from Haven.  For the last week and a half, if her pacifier is not in her mouth, then her hands are.  Even better, it appears, is when she gets help to eat her own toes.  Mmm.

Roll Over

Just over a week from her 4-month birthday, Haven is excelling at rolling over.  Unfortunately for her, she has only mastered rolling from her back to her front.  She does like being on her stomach.  Each of the three times that she managed this roll today, she moved swiftly to screaming for help.  

You are small too, weird