Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Follow the idiot

This is an 'old' clip.  Taken at about 5 weeks, Haven has some facility with gross visual tracking of objects.  Not a stellar performance, but the clip does raise the question of who is the fool - kid or dad?

Hey, I have hands! And they do stuff!

To now, Haven's life has been largely passive observation with no observable evidence that she recognizes that her behavior might influence world events.  [Okay, "world events" might be stretching it.  How about "events in the world"?]  This week, Haven showed initial signs of recognizing that her limbs were hers, and that she might be able to use them to make things happen.  This insight does not appear to be complete.  Instead, there are brief moments of apparent recognition and then back to being a pooping, crying log.  

Friday, January 19, 2007

End of a (short) era

After 319 diapers across almost 6 weeks of life, we are retiring Haven's diaper tracking.  Her digestive system appears to be functional and regular, the payoff of knowing the time of each poop is showing little value beyond the occasional joke, and even I am tiring of that a bit.  It has been a great ride, the record 15 diaper day on December 19th, down to the paltry 4 diapers on her 3rd day of life.

We will miss you diaper tracker.  

Monday, January 8, 2007

First Month Sleeping

This figure shows Haven's probability of being asleep throughout the day.  Darker bars indicate higher likelihood of being asleep.  

The last week or so is marked with a significantly greater tendency to be asleep at night, and to sleep longer when she is asleep.  These developments are much appreciated.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Caesar, Spike, and Combover

"Talents" at two and four weeks

Haven had a modest set of skills at two weeks:

At four weeks, she shows some motor control and ability to lift her head a bit:

Open-air accidents

I'd also like to note the dramatic improvement in open-air accidents in week 4 (0%) compared to weeks 3 (10%) and 2 (9%). See:

I suspect that she is on her best behavior during her grandmama's visit.

The thrill of predictability

It is no surprise that Haven's late night alertness has promoted a consistent degree of semi-exhaustion.  More difficult than the hours of being awake is the unpredictability of wake time versus sleep time.  Her waking up any moment has made it difficult to plan our own sleeping pattern.  However, as evident in the tracker, starting at 3 weeks, Haven has offered a predictable sleeping pattern.  She has figured out night is for sleeping and day is for (mostly) being awake.  Her longest sleep starts between 10pm and midnight consistently.  She wakes up between 2:30 and 4am for a feeding, then sleeps again until between 6 and 7.  The consistency is a delight. 

Haven had her first full bottle of milk this morning, and in the last two days has shown off a massive smile early in the morning (not much later in the day).  It looks to be involuntary, but definitely a smile.  Intoxicating.