Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Haven's Hands

An update on Haven…some of you may have noticed that Haven was born with unusual thumbs.  Bethany noticed it first after Haven had been handed to her in the delivery room.  Her right thumb has fused digits that split at the top of the thumb (it is not officially diagnosed yet, but it is probably called thumb polydactyly), and her left thumb is curved at the top joint (referred to as ulnar deviation).  Fortunately, the thumbs do not cause her any distress, and the doctors expect that she will likely adapt well with minimal effect on her hand function.  She is too young still to be fully evaluated (they want to wait until she is 3 months old to do x-rays), so we do not know what treatment she will need or exactly what the problems are yet, but it seems likely that she will have a surgery on her right hand when she is approximately 1 years old.  She may need other hand surgeries later and will likely always have some curvature on both thumbs, but everything we have read indicates that the treatment tends to be quite successful, so we feel very fortunate.  

In other news, Haven lost her umbilical cord today, and we posted new holidays pics in the photo gallery (added to the last album).

Happy Holidays! 

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