Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Premature Engagement Announcement

Author:   Brian Nosek 

Date:     8/5/99 11:25 PM

To: Friends

Hi --

I may have spoken to you earlier today or I may not have spoken to you all year, but I frequently think about each of you when I think of people that have had an impact on my life.  Unfortunately, there are many I have forgotten to put on this list -- you will have to help me share this news with them.

But, first, I need to know that you can keep a secret until Friday, August 5th, 8pm EST.  Though it may be unlikely that you speak to any of the concerned party within the next 20 hours or so, your solemn word of silence is all that I have between bliss and the abyss of a failed surprise.  So, indulge me.

If the particulars of the event have not already occurred to you, let me clarify. Tomorrow evening I plan to propose to Bethany.  Her mother and step-father and my parents and sister will be looking on (most likely with faces of shock and delight -- hopefully more of the latter than the former).  Now, you may be thinking to yourself, "Brian, aren't you being a bit bold, a bit brazen, even perhaps a bit arrogant to announce your intentions without knowing how she might respond?";  In a word?  Absolutely.  In four words?  No doubt about it.  In twenty-five words?  I think I will have to agree with the general idea of the language which you have passed along to me through my own hands.  I have supreme confidence that she and I have each found a lover for life (and we have discussed the idea so I am not entering this affair blindly). I am less confident that I will physically survive the event.  I just got off the phone with my brother who will not be able to be there.  His advice to me?  "Don't throw up."; Bold? Yes. Wavering? Not a bit.  I adore Bethany.  She makes my life more exciting than 24-hour Star Trek marathons, Macintoshes for under $1000, free chicken wings at happy hour, cherry otter pops, Fat Cats French fries at 2am, air conditioning, reversible pajamas, fantasy basketball, Kurt Vonnegut, p < .05, matinee movies, Whole Earth Festival, and new tennis shoes all rolled into one.

I am very excited to share this news with all of you.  Please send all your "don't throw up"; vibes to me tomorrow evening around dinner time. I am so privileged to have encountered so many wonderful people to share life with.  And, I am profoundly pleased to have found one that shares my vision of life and is challenging me to live life even larger than I thought could be done. I am a very lucky person.

Shhhh. Remember the secret.

Love, Brian

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